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WordPress WooCommerce and eCommerce Integration

You might be a startup or an existing business looking to sell online…

  • And You Need Help Building An Online eCommerce Store
  • You’re Hearing Words Like WooCommerce, Payment Gateways, Product And Services Add-Ons
  • Maybe You Even Want To Build A Multi-Vendor Platform For Others To Sell On (Like Amazon)
  • You Might Want To Build A Members Only Site That Requires Monthly Subscriptions
  • You Need A Professional Who Knows Exactly How To Set Up A Store For Your Specific Business
  • And What You Really Need Is A Partner Who Can Guide You Through The Process

Sounds complicated… right?

Taking your business online can be a game changer! And we can take you there!

Simplifying your solutions for web design, development, eCommerce, and search engine optimization.

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What We Offer

Our Highly Skilled Development team can not only build you a great online store, but we can ensure you’re set up for success on day 1 of your launch! No matter if it’s a straight forward online store, a complex member site, selling your services, or a non-profit setting up donations. 

And… We have eCommerce and WooCommerce experts who’ve set up hundreds of online stores for clients all over the globe. (Literally)

WooCommerce Set Up

Setting up a WooCommerce WordPress Website sounds like it should be easy. And it is to an extent. Being able to configure products, taxes, shipping and upcharges can be a daunting task. Let us help build your WordPress Site and install your WooCommerce store right the first-time. 

Custom Payment Forms

eCommerce isn’t just online stores. You may need a Custom Payment Form that takes orders, creates appointments, require automated actions, or interacts with databases or APIs. Custom Payment Forms is one of our specialties. Let us create you a Custom Payment Form.

Secure Online Subscription Sites

Building an Online Subscription site selling product subscriptions, memberships, services, recurring billing, and more, can become complex quickly. There can be mulitple pricing structures, free trials, or down payments. Let us create you the ideal secure online subscription website. 

Online Store Organization

The biggest issue that DIY’ers run into is to organize their online store in a way that it makes sense to potential customers. We can help you take your online store, organize it, and ensure that your customers can find their exact item quickly. We can even develop a custom search for your site. 

Highly Custom eCommerce Solutions

When it comes to eCommerce, WooCommerce, and WordPress, you may find yourself needing a highly specialized Custom eCommerce Solution that no off-the-shelf product can solve. That’s where we come in. We are a highly skilled web development company that can create you a Highly Custom eCommerce solution. 

Our Tech Stack

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Why Is Building A eCommerce or WooCommerce Store Important? (Even if you’re a brick and mortar store)

The reality is that if you’re looking to build a virtual store or add on an eCommerce store to your physical store, having a WooCommerce store is a MUST. Being able to sell your items to customers before they even step in your store (or even across the country) means more sales!

Here are some facts that you need to consider to make sure you implement eCommerce & WooCommerce correctly

Fact 1: 8 in 10 US Businesses anticipate selling online (Source: Statista) 

Fact 2: Consumers are most frustrated with inconsistent website navigation (Source: NNGroup)

 Fact 3: 39% of buyers want self-serve options (Source: Statista) 

Fact 4: The majority of eCommerce sales are done on mobile (Source: Statista)

What this means is that if you have a business, and you’re not selling online, your competitors probably are. And, if you are selling online, it’s extremely important to have an easy-to-use website that works on all devices. 

But here’s the biggest reason it’s so important.

If you’re not doing it… Your competition is, and they’re taking sales away from you every minute you’re not selling online.

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Our Web Development Processes Are Rock Solid!

Buidling an eCommerce and WooCommerce site is a Web Development project for us. And, we have a simple, but GREAT process that guides us to building your perfect store. 

Delivering you an online store that converts online users to customers is our only goal. 

 Here’s Our 6 Step Process

Step 1
Step 1


The first order of business is to sit down with your team and create a detailed set of design and technical specifications. These specifications serve as a roadmap for the rest of the web design process.
Step 2
Step 2


Once we are all on the same page with your project specifications, we'll proceed to build from site mockups. This will give us a stronger visual representation of the final product. Once these are approved, we move to the Design Phase.

Step 3
Step 3


After the mockups are approved, our team will proceed with all design work. We will translate the approved design into a theme and then begin building the pages outlined.
Step 4
Step 4


At the same time we are designing your site, we'll kick off the technical side of the web development process. The goal is to keep the project on-time and in budget.
Step 5
Step 5


Throughout the entire project, we are continuously testing with our Quality Assurance Best Practices which will validate your site's performance and reliability before we turn it over to you. We'll use various tools to benchmark your site for loading, responsiveness, and speed, while also ensuring that it works reliably on all web browsers and mobile devices.
Step 6
Step 6


Once we're sure that your site is ready to be released to the public, we walk through your new site and ask you to complete final testing to approve the site's look, feel, and functionality. After we gain final approval from you, we will then deploy your site to your public domain. No matter the project size or complexity, nothing goes out without your final approval.

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Check Out What Our Clients Have To Say

If you are reading this to see if they are someone you can trust with your project I can assure you that you can. I was not rushed or pushed to go a certain route, they made sure I got what I asked for. They know what they are doing and their work is very professional. I know I will use them again in the future and I highly recommend anyone reading this to do as well.


This was a great experience with Your Wordpress Team. They are pro's at translating ideas and concepts into a functional design. We had weekly check-in calls to keep the project on track and there was constant progress throughout the engagement. I would absolutely recommend working with Your Wordpress Team!


This is my first foray into opening a small online business or any business for that matter! Your WordPress Team understood my ideas and walked me through every stage of development so I could also learn as we went along. My website is even better than I thought it could be!   As my business grows, I will not hesitate to hire them again to help me! Go with these people, you'll be happy you did!


There are some people out there who will do a website job for you dirt cheap, but you really get what you pay for and you'll need people like Your WordPress Team to come in and fix it anyway. The level of service they provided was excellent. I never felt rushed or that I was being bothersome, and it always seems like they were paying close attention and really cared about the finished product.


So here’s the thing… you could go to UpWork, Fiverr or other websites trying to find someone who can do it for the lowest price. 
(And they might leave you with a site that can’t sell)

Listen… You built your company with hard work and major investments and leaving your company’s sales up to the cheapest developer doesn’t sound like a good idea.

But taking the time to choose a partner like us can ensure your eCommerce is set up correctly from the start and that you have everything you need to start making sales.

We’re Your WordPress Team and we’re here to help your company sell online.

Simplifying your solutions for web design, development, eCommerce, and search engine optimization.

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