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Local Businesses In Toledo, Ohio High-End Agency Website & WordPress Theme Design Without High-End Agency Prices

Simplifying your solutions for web design, development, and eCommerce.

We’re happy you found us because…

You might be a new business that’s just starting out and knows the importance of having an online presence so your new customers can find you

Or you could be an established business that needs a new website because your current site design is dated or just not easy to use

Maybe you had a website created by another web designer or web developer, and you’re just not happy with it

But what you really need is a trusted partner to help you build a great looking website that represents your company’s brand… Right? Right!

Web Design Toledo, Ohio

And here’s where it gets tougher…

You could shop around and find the cheapest person to save a few dollars and end up with a cheap looking site… and that’s what everyone will see when they find you online

Plus, if you choose the wrong Web Designer or WordPress Designer to work on your site, you might end up settling for a mediocre website built from a template

And using a pre-built template, though a money and time saver, will ensure that your site looks like another website somewhere… maybe even look like a competitor (that’s embarrassing)

What’s even worse is when you pay money to build a site that is supposed to reflect your brand, but you  end up settling for something you’re just not proud of

Fact 1: 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else. (Source: SEO Tribunal)

Fact 2: 61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site. (Source: HubSpot Marketing Statistics)

What that means is that 97% of people look up your business online before ever stepping through your door. Their first impression of your company is your website. And if you don’t have a website, or your potential customers don’t like the design, layout, or can’t find what they’re looking for… kiss those 97% of customers goodbye! (Especially if your site doesn’t work on cell phones.)

However, that doesn’t have to be your story or your website.
And we can help!

Simplifying your solutions for web design, development, and eCommerce.

We’re Your WordPress Team and we’re located in Toledo, OH. Our team of Web Designers and Developers are here to take your vision and bring it to life. We simplify your solutions for WordPress Web Design, Development, and WooCommerce/eCommerce. Because… Building a website shouldn’t be hard!

But let’s think about this…

How it would feel to work with a local team that listens to you and build exactly what you envision

Not having to settle for a template or looking like your competitor (It can happen)

Having a site built just for you that is one of a kind and as unique as your company

Receiving a High-End Agency Design, without the high-end agency price tag

Looking at your site and feeling proud that it represents your company and brand

Guess what… You don’t have to imagine!

Your WordPress Team delivers High-End Website Design to Businesses in Toledo, Ohio no matter the size of the company. 

We work with small start-ups to major universities all the way to fortune 500 companies. 

Here’s a small list of some of our clients

And we can work with almost any company’s budget.
Want to know more?

Simplifying your solutions for web design, development, and eCommerce.

So here’s the deal… you could go out and find a local person who works on websites on the side, or work with another company that doesn’t take care of their own site, or you could go online to find the lowest priced web designer… and you could end up with a cheap looking website.
(Worse… one that doesn’t even work)

You could try to save a few dollars and do it yourself and get lost in all the technology.

Or you can go the template route with GoDaddy, Wix, Weebly, or SquareSpace… but now you look like thousands of other companies using the same template.

Listen… You built your company with hard work and major investments. The last place you want to skimp is the one place where 97% of people see you before ever stepping foot into your business.

And by choosing a great partner to work with can make all the difference.

We’re Your WordPress Team, we’re in Toledo, Ohio and we’re here to help design your website!

Simplifying your solutions for web design, development, and eCommerce.

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